Think Tank

This page is all about ideas and concepts for events of happenings.  Please post them here in the form of comments.

7 responses to “Think Tank

  1. Idea in development:
    You know the Verizon Wireless commercials where there are a ton of people following someone on a cell phone? Let’s do that.

  2. lets rickroll somewhere! print out the lyrics and have ppl sing the whole song and when it stops we just walk away

  3. The Zombie event was awesome! I think next time, to finish it off, we should all combine together and dance to thriller

  4. Ian that would be AWESOME.
    Imagine what the people around you would think. haha
    I think the cell phone thing would work really well, just make sure you have an insane amount of people. Some with hard hats, some with laptops and things, pretending to check the status of the call.
    ||| || || | |

  5. I’d like to Flash Mob the kiosk people in the Galleria, and incessantly shout “Sir! Can I ask you a question! Where are you from!” Over. and Over. And Over Again.

  6. Is this still active????
    If so, please email me a calendar!!! 🙂

  7. do you guys do special events

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