I’m Henry the 8th I AM

At 12:00pm tomorrow (Friday, April 11th) walk into Starbucks on the corner of Westpark Dr and Buffalo Speedway (http://tinyurl.com/6eyjow) and order whatever you want. Tell them your name is “Henry the 8th”, if they don’t ask for your name then give it to them and ask them to use it.

Whenever we hear someone being announced as “Henry the 8th” we’ll yell out “I am I am!”

March 30th brainstorming meeting

This month’s meeting will focus on dreaming up ideas for events and getting to know each other. The location is yet to be determined. Please suggest meeting spots. Check back often for updates.

March 23rd event now on the 30th.

Hello, everyone. I just realized the 23rd was Easter Sunday, so we’re going to push the event a week back. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

Clarification for March 30th event at the Galleria

Hello everyone!
I hope you are enjoying your Friday evening and getting ready for an excellent weekend.

I wanted to clarify that the event on the 23rd is NOT a couples only event.. It is intended to be attended by married, single, dating or whatever type peoples. It’s not about “gettitng married” per say, it’s about acting out a common stereotype in a comical/interesting way. Feel free to bring a friend and be silly together. Even if you are married, (like my wife and I) you can of course participate :). No one is getting married, just having fun :).

I hope that brings some clarity and I look forward to seeing you all there!

March 30th 2008 event: “Let’s all get married!”

I’m sorry to announce that the March 30th event has been canceled. Due to mass confusion, growing concern about the location and contact from someone who works in the security department at the mall I’ve decided it would be in the best interest of the group to cancel the event.
I’d like to plan a brainstorming meeting in replacement of the event on the 30th.

Thank you all for your understanding.