March 30th 2008 event: “Let’s all get married!”

I’m sorry to announce that the March 30th event has been canceled. Due to mass confusion, growing concern about the location and contact from someone who works in the security department at the mall I’ve decided it would be in the best interest of the group to cancel the event.
I’d like to plan a brainstorming meeting in replacement of the event on the 30th.

Thank you all for your understanding.

9 responses to “March 30th 2008 event: “Let’s all get married!”

  1. How crowded is the Galleria on Easter? Is there going to be anyone there? Will we have many people able to come do this?

  2. Good call. I’m going to move it to the 30th. I didn’t even think about Easter Sunday. Thanks, Bill!

  3. I can’t wait, I was there for the whole backwards walking thing in December. I think it’s great because security, or mall employees can’t do a thing. We should bring air horns and confetti to attract more attention!!

  4. I like your enthusiasm, but I think the airhorns and confetti might not be a good idea. The confetti would be littering and the air horns could be cause for disturbance of the peace or something like that.

    I think if we say “WILL YOU MARRY ME” loud enough it will attract enough attention. Especially since it looks like there will be quite a few of us there :).

  5. Question… are we allowed to do this on private property?

  6. Paula: We may not be allowed, but it’ll be all in the matter of a few minutes and we’ll disperse, so I’m not worried. We’re not littering, causing trouble or ruining any personal property. Someone did a backwards walk at the Galleria once and it was fine.

  7. Maybe it wont be a good idea for the guys to run off, and have the ladies chase them. It’s a mall, there are people in there, might get a little ugly.

  8. Robert,
    I understand your concern but We’re not going to be going far and we won’t exactly be going full speed, just jogging off. 🙂

  9. The Galleria is private property open to the public. It does have rules of conduct while on the property. Permisson from the mall’s General Manager, Mr. Anderson, is required to have activities of any type. Mr Anderson can be reached at 713-966-3500

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