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The Day We All Stood Still

More details here:

If you haven’t seen a “freeze” performed before, check this out first:

To celebrate the release of the film “The Day the Earth Stood Still” We are going to freeze in place at the exact same moment in the lobby of the movie theater located here: (Edwards Imax).

We will meet in the small parking lot behind Cafe Adobe and next to Todai at 7:15. To get there, park in the parking garage and go to the first floor. You’ll see Todai. Look for the small parking lot by it.

So again:

Where: (Edwards Imax) at the Todai parking lot by the parking garage behind Cafe Adobe.

When: December 20th, 7:15pm

Invite your friends and we’ll see you there!!


 I was hoping someone would be willing and able to make a sign or two for the event. Here are the signs:

“The Day We All Stood Still”

“Starring: Keanu Freeze”

Google Houston Flashmob”

Sign details:
Black marker on white posterboard or poster sized card stock

It’s up to you! Just make sure it’s legible, not confusing, and goes with the event.
My .02: I think it would be great to incorporate the old school robot from the original film in the first sign somehow. I’m thinkin’ the laser beam coming out of his visor on a huge group or something.

Three people will stand in the middle of the freeze side by side holding the signs for all to see.

That’s it! Three signs. No more, no less. Feel free to contact me:

Look forward to seeing you Saturday!

Zombies VS Humans photos and more!

We had a GREAT time at the Zombies VS Humans event on August 30th. We had approximately 30 people come to event in full zombie and defending human gear. The zombie makeup that some of the flashmobbers showed up was amazing. This is how the zombie attack went down:

We started about halfway between the Sam Houston statue and water fountains. There were two groups, one on each side. Each group was chased by the zombies and defended themselves with their fierce water guns. We all ended up at the fountains at the end of the pond. The zombies surrounded the humans and almost over took us. After a brief truce was called and the humans realized the zombies just wanted hugs, we all hugged than sang “Why Can’t We Be Friends”. At which time the zombies quickly turned upon the singing humans and tore them to shreds in an act of total backstabbery.

All in all we had a really good time and the people hanging out in the parked seemed really confused and enamored at the same time. It was fantastic.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I want to thank James (Http:// for taking photos. We’ll be editing a video as well and have it up soon. Be sure to check out the t-shirts that were inspired by the event below as well.

See you at the next event!!


Check out the t-shirts that were inspired from the event:

Zombies VS Humans Wrapup

Today we held our Zombies VS Humans event! We will be adding photos, video and a full description in the next few days so check back often. In the mean time, we’ve created some shirts to commemorate the event. Check it out!

UPDATE: August 30th event

Hey folks! Our event this Saturday (, is rapidly approaching. We are really excited! Lots of people are coming, but we need more! One way or another, we are going to have a ton of fun. Here are a few things to remember:

We will be starting at 2pm. Try to show up about 10-15 minutes early.

Bring water guns!

Bring friends and cameras!

Please RSVP as soon as you can on the Facebook event or via e-mail:

Please follow us on Twitter to receive updates during the day as well as future updates

We will be meeting at the Sam Houston statue at Herman park (across from the Museum of Natural Science) facing the park:

Please RSVP as soon as you can on the Facebook event or via e-mail:

I’d also like to answer some reoccurring questions:
1: No, people will not being having their clothing “totally torn off”.

Beta: Only people who wish to become a zombie during the event will be converted

Three: Zombies don’t need to have any particular make-up or special clothing. Just look funky and act like a zombie ;).

Quatro: If you are unable to attend you are more than welcome to invite people in your absence, in fact we encourage it!

Finally, when everyone arrives there will be the full set of instructions before the event beings. Plus, a super secret surprise ending!

That’s about it! We really look forward to seeing you there!

New Event – August 30th, 2008 “Zombies Vs. Humans”

This is going to be a really fun and exciting Flashmob!

Where: We will meet at the Sam Houston Statue in Herman Park:

When: 2:00pm – 3:00pm

We’ll be filling everyone in when we all arrive.

If you are going to be a “human” for this event you need to know this up front: Put a strip of duct tape on the front and back of your shirt if you are ok with the Zombies tearing your clothing apart. Oh yes, I said tearing your clothing apart. We do not mess around here, folks. Also, humans should bring one or two squirt guns. The longer the squirt gun lasts, the better. Your life may depend on it!

We also encourage those of you who are going to be “Zombies” to do your makeup, hair, clothes etc to become as zombie like as you can!

Here are some useful Zombie links:

Please indicate if you would like to be a Zombie or a Human.

There will be more updates as we approach the event. Please invite your friends to join the group and to the event. See you there!

Facebook event here:

Also, don’t forget to sign up on the Facebook group!

“I Am Spartacus!” No whip, extra room.


2521 Post Oak Boulevard
Houston, TX

When: 1pm

A designated flashmobber will order a drink as “Spartacus”. When they call it out, we’ll all stand and say “I’m Spartacus!”

Link to the Starbucks address:

Link to Facebook event:


See you there!